Doctoral Program

Doctor of Educational Ministry

The student who has completed a master’s degree may be eligible to become a candidate for the D.Ed Min. program. A minimum of five years of graduate study (including that done for the Master’s degree) is required. For those holding the MREd three years of study is required, including sufficient to complete 20 hours of Bible, 24 hours of Sacred Theology, and 20 hours of either Education or Counseling. (Ministerial work may be counted with proper evidence of service). A thesis is required.

Doctor of Theology

The student must have earned the M.Div. degree or its academic equivalent, have a working knowledge of either Hebrew or Greek and complete not less than 60 semester hours of study designed to meet his academic goals. The Th.D. is offered in Pastoral Studies, in Bible and Theology, or in Old and New Testament studies.

Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Missiology

The D.Min. requires an M.Div. as a prerequisite.  The D.Miss. requires a master’s degree as a prerequisite.  Please see the Catalog for more information about these professional doctorates.

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